The MIZĀN Fund - Rated 5 Stars by Morningstar.


(12/31/2015)  A Message from the Advisor: 4th Quarter Performance Review


A compelling new option for Muslim Investors within their qualified retirement plan. By combining sophisticated portfolio management strategies with a Collective Investment Fund framework, the MIZĀN Fund provides Muslim investors with a “no compromises” solution… one that can be a cornerstone of their retirement plan investment strategy.


Muslim Investors and the MIZĀN Islamic Fund


The MIZĀN Islamic Fund has been developed to give Muslim investors the same opportunities in their retirement plan as non-Muslim investors, while at the same time allowing them to remain faithful to Shariah Law.


The MIZĀN Islamic fund is a collective investment trust administered by Hand Benefits & Trust Company (HB&T). HB&T is an innovator in the design, trading and registration of collective investment funds. Essentially, collective investment funds are a lower cost, more flexible alternative to mutual funds and they are only available in the qualified retirement marketplace. The advisor to the fund is Lightstone Capital Advisers, which manages the overall investment process.